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19th October 2011

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Tide Pools

Starlight reflected in the ocean,
you were hovering in space, enveloped
in its reflection, lost in the space
of thought, trying to find answers,
or yourself, through the stars;

but I would have gone with you,
we could have melted through the mirror
and swum through the void together.

You used to come to me without answers
and we would find them reflected in coffee mugs,
or on stormy days on the shore we’d rage
against the waves pushing us back,
and after, stare into the fountains
the rain made in the sand.

Our troubles are krill in the tide pools
we’d gaze into; food in the chain.
I know the future pushes you back;
you’ve always feared your blood ties
will reflect off you and destroy
whatever life we might have,
and you’ve said it would be like waves
washing tide pools away, but you’ve forgotten
that fish are freed by the crash.

I would have gone with you,
crashing back into the sea.

But, you lost yourself,
floating alone in the stars,
leaving me grounded on the shore,
waiting for you.

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